Creating A Roar
For Social Good.
That's what we do. A great design, inspired functionality, social media driven, marketing programs that work. This is our passion. To understand your cause and transform it into a stunning, functional, interactive tool to create a roar and get you where you want to go.

what sets us apart


web design that inspires action & builds support

Online, you have about 8 seconds to convince a visitor to learn more about your organization. That's where we come in.

CauseRoar exists to help non-profit organizations and changemakers spread their message effectively online. Our designs and interactive tools help you translate your mission into online marketing programs that engage, inspire, and transform individuals into supporters while building lasting connections with donors, volunteers, and those in need.

At CauseRoar, we believe that understanding your organization’s goals is the basis for creating a website that works for you. Whether it includes fundraising, inspiring activism, creating awareness, building a community, online learning, or managing events – we apply our proven design and development strategies to create a visually compelling, interactive, and user-friendly online presence that gets you where you want to go.


social media marketing to create a roar

CauseRoar builds websites with social media marketing as a core functionality to increase engagement with your supporters.

Social media is completely transforming our ability to create change and has altered the way we communicate. Instead of the one-sided traditional marketing tools to get the word out, non-profits are now able to engage participants in a dialogue and provide a platform to let their voice be heard. This changes the dynamics of building awareness and raising funds. Non-profits now can hear their supporters’ stories, know their names, see their faces. They are real vital people and when you reach out to them to ask to help with fundraising; you have a deeper understanding of who they are and what they want because of that dialogue.

This is the essence of social media marketing: building relationships and trust. And that trust is what fuels the giving.


Social Action Apps that engage your supporters

Whether it’s fundraising, advocacy, or awareness-raising, or all of the above, Social Action Apps give you the tools to activate, mobilize, & engage your supporters to spread your message and raise funds for your organization.

CauseRoars’ unique Social Action Apps allow you to move your supporters beyond Share, Like or Comment. Now, instead of just asking people to click Share on a webpage, you can give them the tools to Tell Their Story, Become An Ambassador, Create Their Own Fundraising Campaign, Post A Tribute, Create A Petition, and other actions to support your mission and show their support through real-time actions on the web.

Your supporters are the heart and soul of your organization. Giving them the online tools to be part of the conversation results in a relationship; one where both you and your supporters are engaged.

Why does social media marketing matter to your organization?

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